Our mission is to discover and fix invisible vulnerabilities in athletes. This empowers athletes with science and data to reduce injury, gain confidence in movement mechanics, and optimize performance.

Sounds fancy, but its effect is simple - optimizing the human body's capacity to withstand structural stress not only minimizes performance constraints but also lowers the risk of injuries. Integrating a customized, brief training program into an athlete's existing regimen results in increased strength, improved fitness, enhanced speed, and greater resilience.
Movement Health science has both a software product and a sports science laboratory

BaselineAPS - Software For Athletes

Most athletes are assessed based on superficial performance data, with training staff just assuming they have foundational integrity. Only our methodology investigates the movement economy and mechanical variables (we call them the Key Mechanical Indicators) that actually shape their performance.
We help athletes understand how their bodies function at a mechanical level, and guide them to unlock their true potential. Our software is currently in limited availability for use in high-performance environments.

MHS Sports Science LAB

Elite and/or purpose-driven athletes are selectively invited to our Silicon Valley facility. Our doctors of physical therapy, sports scientists and coaches use the MHS methodology to help athletes recover from injury, enhance performance and reduce injury potential.

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